The Life of Temptation

26 May, 2015

Sermon Notes

The Life of Temptation
James 1:14-15

I. Temptation originates from internal cravings, not external promptings - 1:14
A. Desires/Cravings are natural and necessary to human existence.
B. Temptation regularly occurs at this point without demonic influence.
C. Those desires fall into three types.

II. Temptation occurs when we are lured to illegitimately satisfy natural desires - 1:14
A. We are tempted to willfully leave the safety of God’s protection.
B. We are tempted to willfully satisfy our cravings with that which God prohibits.
C. We are tempted to willfully close our eyes to the potential consequences of sin.

III. Temptation initiates a cycle that, if unchecked, ends in destruction - 1:15
A. Conception and birth: The offspring of desire plus willful disobedience is sin.
B. Growth: Sin continues to grow and consume more of the individual.
C. Death: Ultimately, sin destroys.