Behind the Shadows of Temptation

19 May, 2015

Sermon Notes

Behind the Shadows of Temptation
James 1:12-19

I. Behind every temptation is a deception, so be alert - 1:16. "do not be deceived, my dearly loved"
A. Deception about Gratification - 1:14
B. Deception regarding Secrecy.
C. Deception regarding Control - 1:15
D. Deceptions regarding Consequences - 1:15
E. Deceptions regarding God - 1:15

II. Behind every deception there is an adversary, so be prepared - 4:7
A. Doubt God's Word - Genesis 3:1, 4
B. Disobey God's Will - Genesis 3:4, 6
C. Discredit the work of God - Genesis 3:5

III. Behind the adversary is the Lord God Almighty, so be faithful - 1:17-18
A. God will supply all you need to face temptation - 1:17. "Good gifts"
B. God will not allow you to be tempted beyond your ability to overcome.
C. God can use temptation when it comes - 1:12