Mission 24/7: Finding the One

07 Apr, 2015

Sermon Notes

Mission 24/7: Finding the One
Luke 15:4-7

I. Finding the one by seeing. "...and loses one of them..."
A. See the value of one among the multitudes.
B. See the peril of lostness regardless of one's awareness.

II. Finding the one by seeking. "...leave the ninety-nine...and go after the one..."
A. Seeking the lost means "whomever."
B. Seeking the lost means "whenever."
C. Seeking the lost means "whatever."
D. Seeking the lost means "wherever."

III. Finding the one by sending. "...more joy in heaven over one..."
Here's what will happen with that offering:
1. 8% to IMB missionaries
2. 4% to NAMB missionaries
3. 5% or the total of $9,000 to Samaritan's Purse Shoe Boxes
4. 4% to Camp Joy Baptist Assembly
5. 8% for direct LP Church planting Student support
6. 25% of the cost of LP students going on international mission trips
7. 10% of the cost of adults on an international mission team. Other mission partnerships
8. Other partnerships and opportunities

I want to challenge you to do three things through the month of April:
1. Pray for one - ask God to place one person on your heart that you can influence toward faith in Jesus..
2. Partner in Mission 24/7 - take your envelop and make your best sacrifice to get the Gospel to the world.
3. Participate in the mission - begin to invite others to church and share your faith with them.