Religion in the Real World

10 Mar, 2015

Sermon Notes

Religion in the Real World
James 1:1

I. The Author: "James," the half-brother of Jesus, represents a deeply devoted follower of Christ.

II. The Audience: Christian Jews were facing several challenges to their faith. "to the twelve tribes which are scatted abroad"
A. Due to persecution - Acts 8:1
B. Due to poverty - Romans 15:26
C. Due to providence - "scattered abroad" [Acts 8:4]

III. The Aim: James calls all the "brethren" to spiritual maturity. "greetings, My brethren..."
A. How do you handle trials and temptation? [v.1:2]
B. How do you respond to Scripture? [1:19-21]
C. How do you treat people? [2:1]
D. How do you demonstrate your faith? [2:14]
E. How has your speech changed? [3:1, 10]
F. How do you relate to the world? [4:4]
G. How do you view your work and wealth? [4:13, 5:1]
H. How much do you pray? [5:13, 16]