Butterflies and Burdens

24 Mar, 2015

Sermon Notes

Butterflies and Burdens
James 1:3

I. Knowing that trials prove our faith: "testing".

A. God is trying to teach us what we need to mature spiritually.
B. God will then test our level of faith.
C. Usually the tests relate to some area of spiritual struggle.
D. God doesn't allow us to face any more than we can bear.

II. Knowing that trials produce Christian virtues: "produces endurance."
A. Trials, not comfort and ease, strengthen us for life.
B. Perseverance is foundational to developing other Christian virtues.

III. Knowing that trials prune our lives.
A. Trials help reveal spiritual deficiencies.
B. Trials help remove spiritual deficiencies

IV. Knowing that trials perfect the believer: "may be perfected" - 1:4