Life Question - Are all religions equal?

24 Feb, 2015

Sermon Notes

Are all religions equal?
Acts 17

There are five major, popular myths about religion in America:
1. There is no way to know who is right.
2. It is arrogant to suggest that you alone have the truth.
3. All religions basically teach the same thing.
4. I can be spiritual without being religious.
5. It doesn't make a difference anyway.

I. A religion's validity depends on the object of its worship and adoration - 17:16, 22-23

II. The one true God is more than the common denominator of conflicting denominations or religions - 17:23-25
In this text we find six God claims:
A. There is only one God: "the God" - 17:24
B. God dwells in heaven: "not dwell in Temples - 17:24
C. God is not the creation of human hand or thought: "the divine nature is not image fashion by human art or imagination." - 17:25, 29
D. God is self-existent: "as though He needed anything" - 17:25
E. God is the source of all life: "in Him we live and move and exist" - 17:28
F. God demands exclusive allegiance: "God now commands all people everywhere to repent" - 17:30

III. Jesus distinguishes Christianity from all other religions 17:18, 31

IV. Eternity hinges on the God you follow - 17:26-27