Life Question - What is truth?

20 Jan, 2015

Sermon Notes

Life Question: What is truth?
John 8:32, 18:37-8

I. The secular approach: Truth is perspective.
The basis: Personal opinion, consensus, relativism-situational ethics, post-modern philosophy

II. The spiritual approach: Truth is tradition.
When comparing the truthfulness of all religious claims either:
1. Both claims are false or
2. One is truth and one is false.

III. The scientific approach: Truth is facts.
Science has some inherent weaknesses regarding truth:
A. We must guard against assuming that the scientist is unbiased.
B. Science cannot make moral judgments regarding data.
C. There are limits to the collection of data.

IV. The Scriptural approach: Truth is a person.
Key words: Infallible and Inerrant
A. Objective truth exists - John 8:32
B. The absence of truth creates bondage - John 8:32
C. The application of truth liberates - John 8:32
D. God’s Word is truth - John 17:17
E. Jesus embodies truth - John 14:6