Life Question - Does God exist?

20 Jan, 2015

Sermon Notes

Life Question #1: Does God exist?
Acts 17:16-31

I. The choices before us.
A. The atheist says, "No" - 17:16, 29
B. The agnostic says, "Maybe"- 17:18a
C. The advocate says, "Yes" - 17:18b, 23

II. The consequences of belief -17:30-31.
A. Eternity: Is there life after death?
B. Morality: What is right and wrong?
C. Relationships: Should I commit to a relationship?
D. Religion: Which religion is right?
E. Purpose: Why am I here?
F. Truth: What is truth?

III. The case for the existence of God.
A. One Biblical observation: The Bible never attempts to prove the existence of God.
B. Four extra-biblical arguments for God's existence.
1. Maker [Religious conscience - the Ontological argument] - 17:22-23.
2. Matter [Cosmological argument] - 17:24.
    Option One: Cause: Nothing Effect: the world
    Option Two: Cause: Something Effect: the world
3. Model [Teleological argument] - 17:24.
4. Mankind [Anthropological argument] - 17:28-29.

C. One indisputable historical evidence: The Resurrection of Christ - 17:31