Give Me My Mountain

06 Jan, 2015

Sermon Notes

Give Me My Mountain
Joshua 14:6-14

I. Regarding motive: Make sure your mountain is in the promise land (God's will) - 14:8-9 "The land where you have set your foot will be an inheritance because you followed the Lord...completely"

II. Regarding faith: Live in the promises you have already received - 14:10-12 " the Lord promised...the Lord spoke..."

III. Regarding excuses: Surrender your fears and self-doubts - 14:10 "...the Lord kept me alive these 45 years...I am eighty-five years old."

IV. Regarding hindrances: Prepare to face the "Anakim" - 14:12, 15 "...the Anakim are there...

V. Regarding effort: Invest the time, energy, risk and the commitment necessary to own the mountain - 14:12 "...I will drive them out..."

VI. Regarding timing: Seize your opportunity while it exists - 14:13 "Then Joshua blessed Caleb and gave him Hebron"