The Rule that Rules the Rules (The Golden Rule)

16 Sep, 2015

Sermon Notes

The Rule that Rules the Rules (The Golden Rule)
Matthew 7:12

Characteristics of the Golden Rule:
1. Concise yet comprehensive.
2. Universal yet individualistic.
3. Philosophical yet practical.
4. Positive yet negative.
5. Quantitative yet qualitative.
6. Internal yet external.
7. Intuitive yet logical.
8. Personal yet relational.

I. "You:" Love your neighbor as yourself. "...whatever you want...for you..."
A. The longing to be valued.
B. The longing to be respected.
C. The longing to be appreciated.
D. The longing to be understood.
E. The longing to be treated kindly.

II. "Them:" Treat everyone with dignity. "...others to also the same for them..."
A. The Scope of the Rule: "others" & "them"
B. The Substance of the Rule: "do also"
C. The Standard of the Rule: "the same"

III. Him: God has called us to higher living. "...for this is the law and the prophets..."
A. The Golden Rule is a summary of the OT teachings.
B. The Golden Rule is a sermon to God's people.
C. The Golden Rule is a snapshot of the life of Jesus.