Be Anxious for Nothing

26 Aug, 2015

Sermon Notes

Be Anxious for Nothing
Matthew 6:25-34

I. Stop: "Don't worry" - 6:25, 31, 34.
A. Stop obsessing over the details of life: "Don't worry about your life" - v.25
B. Stop living in the land of unbelief: "So, don't worry.." - v.30-31
C. Stop borrowing tomorrow's trouble "...don't worry about tomorrow" - v.34

II. Start: "learn carefully" from God's creation - 6:25-32
A. Regarding God's purpose for your life: "Isn't life more than food" - v.25
B. Regarding God's value on your life: "Aren't you worth more than they?" - v.26
C. Regarding God's control over your life: "Can any of you add one cubit to his height by worrying?" - v.27
D. Regarding God's gift of reasoning: "And why do you worry about clothes?" - v.28
E. Regarding God's relationship to you: "...won't He do much more for you?" - v.30

III. Seek: "Seek first" - 6:33