Are you really talking to God?

29 Jul, 2015

Sermon Notes

Are you really talking to God?
Matthew 6:5-8

I. The Pretenders who perform for the crowd - 6:5. " must not be like the hypocrites"
A. An improper attitude toward prayer: "he loved to pray"
B. An improper approach to prayer: "standing"
C. An improper audience in prayer: "synagogue and street corners"
D. An improper aim in praying: "to be seen of men"

II. The Pagans who babble to the air - 6:7-8. "...don't babble like the Gentiles..."
A. It is meaningless: "don't babble"
B. It is misguided: "imagine they will be heard for many words"

III. The People who talk with their Father - 6:6. "...when you pray..."
A. Pray privately: "In secret"
B. Pray personally: "our Father"