Turn the Other Cheek

24 Jun, 2015

Sermon Notes

Turn the Other Cheek
Matthew 5:38-42

I. One Simple Principle: Resist the temptation to respond to evil with evil.
A. OT principle of proportional retribution "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth."
B. Jesus' call to eliminate the natural tendency to retaliate or accuse. "But I say to you, don't resist an evil doer"

II. Four life applications: Respond to the temptation to retaliate with extraordinary grace.
1. When facing unkind provocations, respond with self-control, not vengeance. "If anyone slaps you...turn the other to him also"
2. When facing unjust prosecution respond with submission, not resistance. If "one...want to sue you," then "let him have your coat as well."
3. When facing unexpected social pressure, respond with humility, not arrogance. "If anyone forces you to go a mile," then "go with him two."
4. When facing unsolicited petitions, respond with compassion, not stinginess. If "one wants to borrow from you," then "give to the one who asked you."

III. One great necessity: We can only fulfill His teachings when we have a regenerated heart.