Your thoughts matter too

27 May, 2015

Sermon Notes

Your thoughts matter too
Matthew 5:27-30

I. The exhortation on adultery: God's original command was a sweeping principle regarding sexual behavior - 5:27. "Do not commit adultery."

A. Clarify meaningful sexual expression.
B. Protect the individual and the home.
C. Magnify the sacredness of the marriage covenant.

II. The explanation of lust: Jesus offered broader clarity to the root of all illegitimate sexual desire - 5:28. "...everyone who looks at a woman to lust...has already committed adultery..."

A. Misconceptions of lust:
1. Tendency to think of lust as a "man's problem."
2. Tendency to think of lust as an adult problem.
3. Tendency to think of lust as a non-Christian problem.

B. Meaning of lust:

III. The exaggeration on prevention: Jesus calls upon us to take radical action to avoid the pitfalls of sexual temptation - 5:29-30. "...eye, pluck it out...hand, cut it off..."

A. Recognize the source of the temptation. "Eye"
B. Recognize the danger of unbridled lust: "to stumble"
C. Recognize the need to take radical action to escape the temptation.