What Women Want (According to a man)

13 May, 2015

Sermon Notes

What Women Want (According to a man)
1 Peter 3:7, Gen. 1:27

In the #MeToo culture with seemingly daily revelations of sexual harassment or trafficking, the church must state, for the record, our support and defense of the women affected by both outright abuse and a diminished respect for women in general. As always, Jesus is our model.

I. Value the uniqueness of women as co-bears of the image of God. - Genesis 1:27 "God created man in His own image...He created them male and female."

A. Equality: A statement of value as human beings.
B. Distinctness: A statement of design as sexual beings.
C. Likeness: A statement of essential nature as spiritual beings.

II. Appreciate the contribution of women as co-laborers in this world and in the kingdom of God.

III. Respect the perspective and judgment of women as a gift from God.

IV. Treat women with the dignity befitting the status that God bestowed upon them.