The Word on the Word

06 May, 2015

Sermon Notes

The Word on the Word
Matthew 5:17-20

I. Assumptions about the Scriptures: Jesus addressed the Scripture's roll in the greater redemptive plan of God - 5:17. "I did not come to destroy but to fulfill."

II. Affirmations about the Scriptures: Jesus embraced the absolute integrity of the Scriptures - 5:18-19. "I assure you...not one...letter will pass from the law"

A. Completely authentic: "iota" (`) or "seriff" (t)
B. Completely authoritative: Four responses in v.19

  1. Breakers
  2. Deceivers
  3. Keepers
  4. Teachers

III. Applications of the Scriptures: Jesus clarified the true nature of redemption - 5:20. "unless your righteousness surpasses the Scribes..."

Scribes and Pharisees had reduced righteousness down to an elaborate system of rules that ignored your relationship with God. 

Command -- Rule/Regulation -- Interpretation