Anger Management

20 May, 2015

Sermon Notes

Anger Management
Matthew 5:21-26

Three underlying facts about this section of the Sermon

1. Jesus' primary topic is personal righteousness.
2. Jesus' primary target is the heart.
3. Jesus' primary task is transformation.

I. As we consider righteousness, begin looking deeper into your heart’s attitudes toward others - 5:21-22 "But I say you, anyone who..."

A. "Anger": The bitterness we carry toward anyone for a real or perceived offense(s) against us.
B. "fool" (Raca): The contempt we harbor for anyone we dislike.
C. "moron:" The words that damage the character or reputation of someone else.

II. As you follow Him, listen to the Spirit's promoting of your heart regarding others - 5:23-24 "If you are offering your sacrifice..."

A. Participating in worship: "If you are offering your gift on the altar..."
B. Reflecting on relationships: "...and there you remember..."
C. Attempting to reconciliation: "First, go and be reconciled..."

III. As God reveals broken relationships, act upon them quickly - 5:25-26.