The Scourge of Persecution

18 Mar, 2015

Sermon Notes

The Scourge of Persecution
Matthew 5:10-12

I. Persecution occurs when we suffer for identifying with Christ.
Jesus declared to two qualifiers of true persecution:
A. One suffers for "righteousness sake." - v.10
B. One suffers for "My sake" - v.11

II. Persecution may take one of several forms.
A. Physical harm: "the prophets" - v.10, 12
B. Verbal insult and intimidation: "insult" - v.11a
C. Character assassination: "falsely say evil" - v.11b
D. Social pressure: "persecuted the prophets" - v.12b

III. Persecution can purify, not destroy the church and the believer. - v.12