The Good Life

14 Jan, 2015

Sermon Notes

The Good Life
Matthew 5-7

While we know that Jesus was the greatest person to ever live, He was also the preacher to ever speak. In Matthew 5-7 we find the His greatest sermon, the Sermon on the Mount. It would be accurate to say that this is the sermon that Jesus lived. But, on a practical note, it the sermon He calls us to live. Notice the five major sections of this message on "The Good Life."

I. Intention Matters: Your attitude toward God and circumstances determines your reward - 5:3-12. "Blessed are the..."

II. Identity Matters: Your influence in the world flows from your God-given identity - 5:13-16. "You are the..."

III. Integrity Matters: Your relationship to others affects your personal integrity - 5:17-48. "You have heard...but I say"

IV. Intimacy Matters: Your relationship with God grows deeper from your commitment to spiritual disciplines - 6:1-18. "...and when you...your Father will..."

V. Instruction Matters: Your willingness to follow God's instructions determines your spiritual success - 6:19-7:27 ""