01 Oct, 2015

Sermon Notes

Romans 16:25-27

In the month of October, 500 years ago, a stubborn and brilliant theologian turned the religious world upside down by posting his grievance against his church on the door of a German chapel. Martin Luther's nailing of the 95 Theses the Protestant reformation and the world has never been the same! But what was it really all about? In a word, it was about salvation. From that moment forward, reformation emphasized five "solas," the Latin word meaning "only." In short, those five statements clarified the nature of salvation.

I. "Sola Scriptura:" Our only source of authority.

II. "Solus Christus:" Our only way to heaven.

III. "Sola Fide:" Our only response to God.

IV. "Sola Gratia:" Our only hope of eternal life.

V. "Soli Deo Gloria:" Our only reason for living.