The Life of a Temptation

17 Sep, 2015

Sermon Notes

The Life of a Temptation
Genesis 39:6-20

I. Desire: Desire provides the fertile ground for temptation. "cast longing eyes on" - 39:7

II. Infatuation: The object of desire become unrealistically attractive and interesting to us. "handsome in form and appearance" - 39:6-7

III. Rationalization: We convince ourselves that we have a right to pursue a temptation. "he would not listen to her" - 39:10

IV. Cultivation: Daily encounters and hidden thoughts about temptation weaken our resolve to resist it. "day by day" - 39:10

V. Opportunity: A moment will present itself for you to secretly indulge temptation. "none of the men were in the house" - 39:11-12

VI. Decision: You choose whether or not to yield to temptation. "she caught him...but he left" - 39:12b

VII. Consequences: We face the aftermath of yielding or resisting temptation. "she called to the men" - 39:13-14