Danger: When you are in the Crosshairs

03 Sep, 2015

Sermon Notes

Danger: When you are in the Crosshairs
Acts 4 & 5

General observations:

  1. Persecution was the norm in the NT, not the exception - Acts 4:3.
  2. Persecution is inevitable to all who walk with God and share their faith.
  3. Satan is the primary source behind persecution.
  4. Persecution may come in a variety of forms.Be careful here to not confuse adversity with persecution.
    1. Insult and ridicule - Acts 4:13, Matt. 5:11
    2. Intimidation and political restraint - Acts 4:17, 21
    3. Injury and harm - Acts 5:40-43
  5. God allows persecution for His divine purposes.

I. It purifies the body of believers, the church. "...those who believed were of one heart and soul..." - 4:32

II. It produces maturity in the life of the believer. "...and knew they had been with Jesus." - 4:13

III. It creates an opportunity the spread of the Gospel. "...began to speak God's message with boldness." - 4:31, 29

IV. It draws God's people together. "...they raised their voices to God unanimously" - 4:24

V. It brings glory to God. "Master, You are the One..." - 4:24