The Scheme of Distraction

16 Jul, 2015

Sermon Notes

I. A stern exhortation: We must guard against our tendency to become distracted by non-essentials pursuits. "...some have deviated from the faith" - 1 Timothy ;6:21

II. Four sobering examples: We must recognize the distractions that come into our lives. "...entangled in the concerns of everyday life" - 2 Tim. 2:4

4 examples of how the enemy distracts God's people from accomplishing our primary objectives:

  1. Entanglements or pursuits that take us away from God (busyness) - 2 Tim. 2:4
  2. Fruitless discussions about unclear or questionable issues that create contention - 2 Tim. 2:14-23
  3. Negative influences who drain your spiritual vitality - 2 Tim. 4:14-15
  4. Doing good things that aren't necessarily essential to your calling - 2 Tim. 1:6

III. The scriptural essentials: We must focus our time and energy on pursuits that produce progress. "Practice these that your progress may be evident to all" - 1 Tim. 4:15