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LifePoint Church Overview:

LifePoint Church of Franklin, KY began in 2015 with a story of growth and development that only God could orchestrate. In the past six years, God has provided land, the ability, and helped to build a worship center. LifePoint has become a leading church in our community with a desire to make every person feel loved and welcomed to a place where they can know God, grow spiritually, and serve others. LifePoint is a mission-minded church serving our community and partnering with churches in the United States and other countries. LifePoint is deeply committed to showing the love of Christ to our community, by hosting outreach events for families, the local school system, and working with other churches and civic groups. LifePoint Preschool was opened in 2018 and provides classes for three and four-year-old children. With a passion for international missions, LifePoint has sent mission teams to Nicaragua, Honduras, Nepal, Brazil, Peru, and Haiti, where LifePoint established a church and school and continues to support that ministry. LifePoint is currently working with a Cuban church to help with church construction and support their evangelistic outreach in the city. LifePoint has a membership of 275. Two services are held on Sundays with combined attendance of 275-300. Pre Covid attendance was 350-375.

LifePoint has an Elder team that acts in an administrative role overseeing the operation and programs of the church. The Pastor is the chairman of the Elder team. LifePoint also has a Deacon team to minister to the church body.

LifePoint currently has a staff of seven that work part time (12-30 hrs per week).

Associate Pastor - Volunteer

Director of Communication/Ministry Assistant

Worship Minister

Family Minister

Student Minister

Discipleship Minister

Student Ministry Intern

Job Overview:

The Pastor of LifePoint Church is responsible for the spiritual growth, leadership, and well-being of the congregation. The Pastor will lead and direct public worship services, has responsibility over the church staff and programs they direct, and would be a representative of the church in denominational and community events. The Pastor, as chief administrative officer, will ensure that the staff and programs of the church follow scripture, believing that the Bible is the absolute Word of God and that all are in accordance with the Baptist Faith and Message and the constitution and bylaws of LifePoint Church.

Responsibilities and Duties:

• Plan and conduct worship services, develop sermons, and plan and coordinate corporate worship with the church staff

• Develop and provide leadership for ministry programs of the church

• Responsibility for oversight of church staff, volunteers and programs, which includes the LifePoint Preschool

• Lead the congregation in programs to fill the Great Commission of sharing the Gospel

• Lead the congregation in growing in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ

• Oversee, along with Deacons, the visitation and care of the congregation

• Conduct counseling sessions with church members

• Act as chair of Elders and Moderator of church business sessions

• Advise church committees as ex-officio member

• Represent the church in associational, state, and denominational matters

• Adhere to the Constitution and Bylaws of LifePoint Church

• Represent the qualities of a Godly man in his relationship with his family and the public


Candidate should be a Christian that believes that the Bible is the undeniable Word of God. Believes and follows the theology of the Baptist Faith and Message. Experienced in teaching and preaching the scripture with a minimum of five years’ experience and a seminary degree.

Position is a salary position. Salary will be negotiated according to experience and education.

Qualified candidates may send resumes and cover letters to: